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bleecake asked
Did you notice the B5 shout out on Breaking Bad this week? It made me so happy.

I must confess I don’t watch Breaking Bad.

I have the first three seasons on DVD, I watched most of the first season and thought, this is the kind of show my partner would really love, but it just hasn’t happened since then. I haven’t plucked up the courage to just watch it by myself since.

And also a) I live in the UK, not America, so I couldn’t watch Breaking Bad as it airs anyway and b) I don’t have Netflix, so I couldn’t watch Breaking Bad’s simulcast or after it aired or however they’re doing that promo here.

But to answer your question I have heard about the reference and it makes me giggle considering that Bryan Cranston did guest star as Ranger Ericsson in Season 4’s “The Long Night

It’s kicked off a movement actually that you can read about here.

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