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"In my life I had four wives. I cared for them all deeply. But I loved Centauri Prime. Everything I did, I did for her."


Doctor Stephen Franklin doesn’t get nearly as large a character arc as some of the other cast on Babylon 5, but whenever he is put front and centre, there is always an amazing depth in the storytelling, and in Shadow Dancing, Stephen outshines the main storyline.

Here he is: a man who has always secretly thought of himself as a failure as a Son, as a Soldier, as a potential partner and parent, someone who never properly fit in as a doctor or even around other people. It was this dislocation that has driven him almost to the point of destruction, and having pulled himself out of the deepest, darkest part of himself, from the brink of death there is a courage, a rawness to his epiphany. He doesn’t even fully understand it yet, he doesn’t know how to explain it, how to explain to others, all he knows is that he is alive, and that is and always has been enough.

Vir, intelligence has nothing to do with politics!!

Londo Mollari