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Ivanova: Figures! For years I have been fighting against imperialism. Now I AM the expanding Russian frontier!.

Franklin: But they are very nice boarders.

Me: I'm beginning to think you are physically incapable of NOT flirting with every woman that comes into your eyesight, Doc.


The first difference I noticed between Sinclair and Sheridan:

Sinclair: Well, these sorts of things happen and we have to learn to adapt to them.


The *reason* we had Garibaldi go through all the hoops he went through before finally falling into the bottle is because simply having Liana show up and depress Garibaldi isn’t, frankly, sufficient motivation. I don’t buy it. We wanted to strip away everything he had, and leave him with only *himself*. So we took away his job, his reputation, his money, his home, neutralized his friends wherever possible…it was deliberate and systematic to peel him down to the bare essentials, to just Garibaldi. Take him all the way down before taking him back up again. Because it’s more dramatically interesting. It’s more logical that it would take something this major to drive him back into the bottle after staying sober all this time. I’m sorry, I don’t accept your suggestion that Liana’s “anger and accusations” would “drive him over the edge as he deals with his guilt.” He’s BEEN dealing with his guilt, and her showing up wouldn’t be enough to drive him back into the bottle again. I’m sorry, but as a producer or a story editor, I wouldn’t buy that from a writer as being sufficient motivation. Particularly not a character who’s as strong and as bull-headed as Garibaldi.

What do I know about alcoholics, to portray them? Well, aside from a degree in clinical psychology, and some internship work in the area, I come from a family with alcoholism going back at least four generations, and I’m talking *heavy duty*. I am, in fact, the first male Straczynski in my branch of this particular stunted tree NOT to have this problem.

I have had far, far, far more experience with this area than I care to recite…and from that perspective, I have no problem with Garibaldi’s portrayal.



Londo and G’Kar | by Ginger-PolitiCat

Normally I’m not into Amigurumi, but I think these are well executed and absolutely adorable. Especially G’Kar.



Its nearing the end of Babylon 5’s first run on Watch in the UK and now they’ve started showing the movies weekly… at midnight on Sunday night/Monday morning. Eeeeh, certainly not the most appropriate time but still I was able to finally see The Gathering last Sunday.

Ironically the episode just before on Friday was the one where Babylon 5’s first doctor, Benjamin Kyle, resigned as head of xenobiology on Earth and left the job to Franklin, and now this week had a callback to G’Kar proposition to Lyta (pleasure thresholds :D).

The Gathering itself was a brilliant experience, it was cool seeing where it all began and it was great to see Sinclair again. Hard to believeI hadn’t even seen Babylon 5at the start of November last year now.

If you’re going to be worried every time the universe doesn’t make sense, you’re going to be worried every moment of every day for the rest of your natural life.

G’Kar // Babylon 5 // “Whatever Happened to Mr. Garibaldi?”